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Dog Walking Keep Dogs Healthy and Happy!

We are all aware of the health benefits that come with daily exercise. Exercise can increase our weight control. This can further lead to a decreased risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Exercise can also decrease our stress levels, which benefits anyone with regular anxiety to even depression. What about our dogs? Are there really benefits of a daily walk for our pets? Dog Walking in and around the Evansville area helps keep dogs healthy and happy!

Sedentary dogs can gain weight easily, especially mature and aging dogs. Like people, obesity in dogs can lead to diabetes, osteoarthritis, cardiopulmonary disease and hypertension. Have you ever thought, I have a beautiful large fenced in yard my dog can stay out in all day, they will stay fit and healthy’. Dogs don’t typically entertain themselves when we are gone by walking laps around the yard by themselves. That’s why dog walking is so important. Taking your dog on a daily walk helps them maintain a good weight as well as provide a healthy outlet for energy and anxiety.

Why is dog walking so important?

Many dogs have excess energy that has been bred into them with a specific purpose. However, a Terrier with no vermin to hunt as well as a German Shepherd or Border Collie with no live stock to herd can find some frustrating outlets for their energy. This energy can lead to destructive behaviors. Some to watch for would be chewing (furniture, clothing, toys etc.),  digging in the yard, or general destruction in your house when they are left alone. Dog walking not only provides physical exertion but also gives dogs the mental stimulation they need!

Another benefit of walking your dog is socialization. We can take them on walks in our neighborhood, on a trip to the local pet food store or the dog park. These activities can help build confidence in your dog making it easier to make friends and meet new people. Otherwise, they can develop anxieties and phobias. These exposures build self confidence by learning the many sights and smells  of their world through daily interactions.

Life gets in the way!

There are so many interruptions in our life that keep us from providing daily walks for our dogs. Sometimes it’s overtime at work, bad weather or we are just plain tired. If your dog is exhibiting some of the behaviors above give me a call! Dog Walking is one of the Pet Services I happily provide my clients in and around the Evansville IN area. I can help keep your dog healthy, happy and ready to snuggle when you get home!

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    “Catherine truly provides Peace of Mind! My horse was wounded right before I was scheduled to leave for vacation. She took great care of him as well as my other pets and sent updates while I was away. So glad to have someone I can truly rely on.”
    ~ Katie W.