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Why hire a Professional Horse Sitter in Evansville?

Professional Horse sitter vs. Professional Pet Sitter, is there a difference? They are both caring for animals so why would one be better than the other? At Peace of Mind Horse and Pet Sitter my passion for animal care runs deep. Here are a few things to consider when trusting your horses and pets to pet sitters.

Professional Pet Sitter vs. Pet Sitter

How in the world do you choose?!? Start by looking for someone who is a professional and not just looking for extra cash. Someone who is educated and loving will provide the best care for your pets.

Professional Pet Sitters is their sole occupation.

They usually own their business, carry any required state licensing, are insured and bonded. These measures not only protect themselves but their clients as well.

Members of National Pet Associations

Peace of Mind Horse and Pet Sitter is a proud member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International. These organizations provide resources for members. This helps me stay up to date and informed on pet care. Most important, I continuously read and educate myself so I can be a confident resource to my clients.

Professional Horse Sitter vs. Professional Pet Sitter

While a professional Pet sitter is ideal for most pets, are they experienced with horses? These animals can weigh 1000lbs or more, and are animals of prey! Horses are flight animals and can go from eating hay to running out of the stall in the blink of an eye! If a pet sitter is not familiar with horse behavior and aware of ALL their surroundings, serious injuries can occur! Over 30 years experience in caring for horses has convinced me there is no substitute for first hand knowledge. As a Professional Horse Sitter I provide my Evansville clients with the same care I use with my own horses.

Visit your house and/or barn twice a day or more.

Horses need to be kept in the similar routine they are accustomed to. Horses can show small signs of being “off”. If these go unnoticed they turn into a significant issue, possibly even after a pet sitter is gone. I have barns that I care for all around Evansville and a few things I watch for include:

      • Is there a lack of interest in their feed or hay?
      • Are there any visible signs of concern?
      • Are they lethargic or moody?
      • Are there any subtle changes in their gait?
      • Are they drinking enough water?
      • What is the weather going to do?

Feed, water and give daily exercise to your horses/pets.

Colic is a constant worry for all horse owners’. Prevention and early detection are KEY! Seasonal temperature changes, spooking, eating too much feed or moldy hay, not enough exercise, any change in their routine can trigger colic. I will meet with owners and discuss their horses’ normal behavior and habits so I can better reference each horse’s “Normal” state!

A Professional Horse Sitter will check for injuries daily.

I examine pets, large and small, from head to tail each visit. Many professional pet sitters read and research what they need to know to care for a specific animal, but first hand experience is irreplaceable. Actually working around horses for years brings ‘Peace of Mind’ to my equine clients and me. Knowing if and when to call a vet is important! Even knowing other people in the horse industry to call for a “sounding board” is extremely useful.

Leave your horses in quality hands with Peace of Mind as your Professional Horse Sitter! My 30+ years of horse experience in several different barns and disciplines provides me with a unique confidence to properly care for your horses!

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    “Catherine truly provides Peace of Mind! My horse was wounded right before I was scheduled to leave for vacation. She took great care of him as well as my other pets and sent updates while I was away. So glad to have someone I can truly rely on.”
    ~ Katie W.