Keep Pets Safe During The Holiday Season

Posted by Catherine Kline | February 13, 2021

The Holidays are upon us already, where did the time go? This time of year we must be mindful of our furry friends, so they can safely be with us for everything. They are part of the family too, right? These tips and preparations, can help keep our pets safe! With travel, family meals and shopping we need to focus on keeping pets in their normal routine, including feeding, voiding and exercising on schedule, as much as possible.


Christmas Tree

: The focal point of Christmas decorations can be troublesome for cats and dogs. Be sure they are anchored securely and don’t fall. Cats love to climb and sharpen claws on them, and excited dogs running around can take a tree out quick! Not to mention their tails wagging in full force! Also, watch your tree water. After trees drink what they need, the water becomes stagnant and a perfect breeding place for bacteria!

Mistletoe, Holly and Lilies

: Keep Mistletoe and Holly away from pets. If ingested they can have Gastrointestinal {GI} upset. In some cases Holly causes cardiovascular problems as well. If you have cats, definitely skip the lilies, even the smallest ingestion can cause kidney failure.

Christmas Tree Tinsel

: Tinsel is very appealing to pets, especially cats! Light catches it, turning it into a sparkly, hanging toy to bat around! If ingested, tinsel can lead to obstruction in the digestive tract.


If you observe tinsel or string coming out of your cat’s behind, DO NOT PULL IT OUT if there is ANY resistance! It could be coiled around something inside and pulling could cause serious harm, be sure to call your vet for advice.

Holiday Candles

: Fall and Christmas aromas from candles are amazing! Remember to put them out if you leave a room. Curious Cats on counters or dogs jumping up looking for a treat could knock the them over causing burns or worse.

Cords and Battery Packs

: Be mindful when planning where to plug in cords. Pets of all kinds can find a cord or battery on the floor and chew on it, which can potentially cause a lethal electric shock or burns to their mouths and esophagus! We all saw “A Christmas Vacation”, it left a huge impression in my mind!

Holiday Food Dangers:

Chocolate and caffeine are not good for our pets health. Anything made with the artificial sweetener, Xylitol is extremely dangerous, especially to dogs. Xylitol can cause hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure and even death. Many of our holiday meals include a variety of foods, which could include grapes, raisins, nuts, onions, garlic and yeast dough. so speak to guests about feeding scraps to your pets. 


Have a conversation with guests asking them not to feed pets because of the harm it could cause. They will enjoy a belly rub or a game of fetch much more!

Guests that are staying in our home may have prescription medications, request they keep them put away in a purse or closed suitcase. When we get busy our pets get nosy!

If you don’t have one, create a quiet place for your pet to go when they need down time. Fresh water, a bit of quiet and a comfortable blanket to snuggle with will do wonders!

Keep pets in their normal routine, including feeding, voiding and exercise, as much as possible.

After a big dinner, see if anyone wants to

take a walk with you and your dog

! It will be good for them and YOU!

Always keep an eye on small children around your pets. Our animals can get stressed too, and a poke or a pulled tail might not end well!

Holidays can be fun and less stressful if we plan ahead and keep mindful of our pets, of course they are a part of our family too!