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Meet Catherine

As an animal owner, leaving the house for any extended period of time can bring anxiety about the well-being of those left behind. That's why I created Peace Of Mind Horse And Pet Sitter in 2016, as a response to my own desire to have peace of mind concerning my horses and pets. Being around animals has always been an important part of my life, and I am passionate about providing quality care for my clients' horses and pets. Check out the blog if you would like to learn more about my philosophy on animal care!

Horse and Pet Services

POM Horse and Pet Sitter is insured and bonded. My mission is to enrich the lives of the animals that I care for, as well as to make my clients feel great about investing in the happiness and well-being of their pets. I hope that through my services, clients are able to feel at ease leaving their pets at home. Prices and service overviews can be found below, but know that you may always discuss custom options.


I have worked in many different horse barns since being a teenager, starting with pleasure and huntseat competitions, and eventually finding my love of reining horses. Since then I have bred and raised multiple horses along with many other pets. I have a background in nursing along with a lifetime of developing animal care intuition, and I strive to stay current with new knowledge in the field of animal care.

My Services and Fees

Dog Walk


30 minutes

Alternate exercise activity upon request

Fresh water refill

$30 for 45 minutes, $35 for 1 hour

10% discount for 3+ walks per week

Pet Care


30 min visit

Food and fresh water


Litter cleaned or poop scooped

Medications given if needed

Unlimited belly rubs

Call for custom options

$20 for short visit + potty break

Horse and Farm Animal Care


per hour (1 hr minimum)

1-2 visits per day

Food and fresh water

Supplements given

Clean stalls, add bedding

Buckets cleaned

Checking for injury, lameness, illness, etc.

Wound care

Complimentary Home Services

My goal is make you feel good about leaving your home. As such, I gladly perform miscellanious routine actions for my clients such as:

Watering plants

Turning on/off electronics

Bring in mail

Take out trash

Leaving home and your pets isn’t easy, but knowing they will be loved and cared for while you are away makes all the difference. Catherine is reliable, trustworthy and loves all pets like her own!

- Diana M.

Catherine is awesome! Explicit attention to detail !!! My barn was immaculate when I returned and the horses were happy! I have a lot to take care of and now have someone I can really trust!!! Stallions, babies and mares, no problem for Catherine!!

- Theresa S.


Professional Experience

Catherine has been a full time pet sitter and horse care professional for over 5 years. She is an active member of multiple professional organizations and is strongly committed towards providing for the well-being of animals.

First Aid and CPR Certified

Catherine is certified in CPR, and she is experienced with spotting abnormal behavior in animals that may be caused by injury or sickness.


Where Do We Start?


Traveling With Pets Or Hire A Professional Pet Sitter?

Are you traveling this holiday season and considering bringing your pet along? We take them everywhere when we’re at home anyway, so why not? There are so many pet friendly towns and hotels so traveling with pets sounds great! How could we think of leaving them home! Consider hiring Peace of Mind to help, but if you do decide to travel with pets here are a few points to consider before you decide.

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If you are interested in getting some peace of mind when it comes to your pets, please contact us indicating the desired service! The first step will be to set up a complimentary meet and greet.

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