Where Do We Start?

Posted by Catherine Kline | February 10, 2021


Peace of Mind, what is Peace of Mind? I looked it up and found:

“A Tranquility that results from not having worries, guilt, or problems”.

In 2015 my husband and I decided to go on a two-week trip through Colorado and Utah with our two teenage boys.

But wait, what am I going to do with my horses in Evansville for two whole weeks?

My exciting trip just turned stressful with ‘worries and guilt! This is something I always thought about when taking a long weekend or a week-long trip. I knew there was an Evansville pet sitter but I have horses and didn’t feel comfortable hiring just anyone. I usually found a friend or combination of friends to come in to see after them. Two weeks was a long time, how could I ask them AGAIN?

I felt GUILTY for thinking about going away two weeks, let alone the WORRY I’d have leading up to our vacation and during my time away. What would my horses and my barn look like when I got home? Would my vacation be worth the worry and the cleanup afterwards? Who would know my horses little quirks and what to watch for? Daisey gets abscesses on occasion and Peanut will eat every apple she finds on the ground unless I throw them out of the pasture. We can’t forget, Mama gets a peppermint every morning. Now, I not only feel guilty for asking this huge favor of a friend to stop their day, twice a day, to care for my horses but asking them to pick their feet, walk the pasture and give treats also just seemed like to much.

It’s a struggle for all of us to leave when we are daily caregivers for our pets. We know everything about them and love them unconditionally. How can we leave and enjoy ourselves when we know we’ll worry the whole time if our pets are OK?


This 16 hour car trip to Colorado and back to Evansville was when I decided to start Peace of Mind Horse and Pet Sitter. I’ve had horses and many other animals for the past 35 years. I’ve boarded other’s horses in my barn and I’ve worked in several different barns through the years. In my heart I’m a nurturer, for people but especially animals so becoming an Evansville Pet Sitter was my plan!

I wanted someone to care for my animals as if they were their own, until I returned. During that vacation I knew I wanted to be “that person” for others, I wanted to provide Peace of Mind to other pet owners. I also wanted to be someone their animals could trust to be there for them when their owners were away! My family was behind me 100% and now that my boys were more independent, I knew in my heart, it was Time.